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Many people have asked me if I could upload a video from the helicopter flight to the combat zone from Border War 5 OP Warhammer. Here it is. The shots which I take from the helicopter where one of the most critical shots I've ever made with my steadycam.

The wind speed there was so high that it nearly ripped the cam out of my hands. The only thing that holds my cam there was the metal arm of my camera vest and I was really scared there that anything would just break because of the incredible high forces from the wind there. Never again.

Next video:

If you want to see a video how I filmed this, check this out:

The Team "Eden Project" did the GoPro shots for me with a GoPro on loan from Ayon Kais. Many thanks to both of them, you guys are awesome!
Also Eden Project paid me the helicopter flight so go and check these guys out:

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