Coke Bottle vs Sledge Hammer - WILL IT SURVIVE? - Slow Mo lab


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That definitely took me some time. Looks like these coke bottles are super durable!!

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In this video: Taras and Dima
Enjoy the incredible slow motion compilation!

ABOUT US: Taras (Crazy Russian Hacker) and Dima film a lot of cool video. Some of the clips they film in slow motion are: science experiments, fireworks reviews/testing, explosions, shooting bullets, demonstrations, compilations, and so much more!. Some of their best examples of their work include: dry ice explosion, works explosion, dry ice bomb, watermelon exploding, battery exploding etc.
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Тарас и Дима делают много разных приколов для видео. Они любят снимать разные видео: эксперементы (по физике, для дитей, эскперементы в домашних условиях, эксперементы с микроволновкой), врывы, слоy моушен, слоу мо, замедленная съемка. сухой лед и многое другое,

Below are some of their best examples of their work:
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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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