Drive Through Supermarket Concept - Animation


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Concept by DAHIR INSAAT original links ​ ...Drive Market from the company Dahir Inshat Drive Market is a shop in which visitors make purchases without leaving the car. This approach to service is convenient first of all for those who can not afford to waste time searching for and choosing goods in the usual hypermarket. Let's take a closer look at how purchases are made in the Drive Market. The visitor enters the store by car. The premise of a trading hall is broken into sections, each of which serves only one car at a time. The buyer, following the light signs, approaches the free section and stops near the shelves with movable trays. In each tray are goods of a separate group. The buyer makes a choice and puts the products on the transport tape. A special feature of Drive Market is a well-thought-out optimal assortment, which has more than one hundred different names. At the same time, there are dozens of identical products under different brands, and all products undergo rigorous selection before being sold.
This approach greatly simplifies the selection process and shortens the time for shopping, because the store has already selected the best products, and the buyer can only decide which of them suits him. In addition, in the Drive Market there is no possibility of manipulation by the buyer with the help of marketing psychological techniques. If in an ordinary hypermarket to promote sales of individual goods are placed on the shelves at eye level, then in the Drive Market all goods are in equal conditions.

Thus, the buyer is protected from the imposed purchases and can be sure that he will buy only the goods for which he originally came to the store. So, the choice is made and the products are sent to the cashier, where the calculation takes place. After payment the cashier puts the goods in packages and places them in the trunk of the car, or, if the purchase is small, passes to the buyer through the window. Shopping was a success, and instead of long hours of walking around an ordinary supermarket, no more than 5 minutes were spent on purchases.

Music: The Inventor (Original Mix) by Dhruva Aliman
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