The Absolute Best Classic Car Sounds of 2015 By HistoricRacingHD


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If there is one good video for those who love the sheer sound and sight of historic race cars, this is the one! 45 minutes worth of classic cars producing an engine noise beyond belief! We truly hope you enjoy this compilation, it basically took us a full year to make this video so, sit back, grab a beer and just enjoy!

You can see this as sorth of a close of our year. However, before we go into 2016 there are a few thing we would like to say!

First of all, a massive thank you to every single one of you for watching our videos and sharing them! Our videos have been featured on multiple websites which brought us tens of thousands of views in a mere day or two! Besides that, you guys joined us in such massive amounts that we started the year with 1000 subscribers and are now on our way to 4000! Well, 4000 might not seem like THAT much to some of you but we still see ourselves as a few guys behind a computer who happen to know how a camera works so, knowing that we accumulated almost 1 million views and gathered 4000 people in this worldwide community goes beyond our wildest dreams. So thank you for all the love! We read every single comment and 99% of them are loaded with positivity. It's things like that which keeps us motivated and pushes us to make more and better videos for you!

Second of all, there is a little thing called Facebook which went a little crazy in 2015. Starting the year with no less then 100 likes (I know right, impressive) we can safely say that we close 2015 with 25 000 likes! Well, long story short: we don't know how you guys did it but apparently you shared our posts in such massive amounts that we just couldn't keep up with how fast it was going! So thanks again!

This "Best of 2015" might seem like our last video before the new season begins but it certainly isn't! There are tons of cars which did not yet get their own video on the channel. All those cars will be featured in a seperate video, to witness those you'll just have to keep watching during the winter! We will continue doing weekly uploads as always! So just make sure you keep your eyes on your subbox!

Other than that, enjoy this 45-minute long compilation and make sure you follow us on Facebook & Twitter! We'll announce the events we're going to in the course of next year together with pics and vids of ourselves! That way you guys can spot us at events and we can have a chat with you, how awesome would that be!

Make sure you subscribe for more and thank you very much for watching!

List of events we visited in 2015:
- Spa Test Day
- Spa Classic
- Spa Modena Trackdays
- AVD Oldtimer GP Nürburgring
- Zandvoort Historic
- Spa 6 Hours
- Eifel Classic Festival

HistoricRacingHD's goal: "The cars of today are made by those of the past. Together with you, we are able to keep those legends alive."

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