The Wrong Block - Pilot


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Detective Max Braddock meets with a trusted informant who has information about a plot to kidnap wealthy socialite, Jerrica Ming. There's also a lot of male nudity... Enjoy, kids!

Created by Sam Chou and Ellery Vandooyeweert
Directed by Sam Chou and Miranda Quesnel
The Wrong Block opening Theme Song: "Pompeii" by Take/Five
A Style5.TV Production
Max Braddock: Jordan Vanderzalm
Glass Dragon: Todd Demong
Jerrica Ming: Lisa Enarson
Kovacs: Scott Underwood
Commisioner Jordan: Jordan Vanderzalm
Harvey: Scott Underwood
Kevin: Jordan Vanderzalm
Brick: Scott Underwood
TMI reporter: Maximilian Lundberg
Bruce: Maximilian Lundberg
Kidnappers: Colin Giles, Kevin Pavlovic, Ellery VanDooyeweert
Mr.Ming: Sam Chou
Mr Ming's Secretary: Crystal Giles
Designer: Sam Chou
Storyboards: Dermot Walshe, Sam Chou, Miranda Quesnel
Animators: Miranda Quesnel, Martin MacIntosh
Backgrounds: Brentton Barkman
Sound, Music and Mix: Ta2 Sound + Music
Editor: Sam Chou
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