【Broken Bonds】 Naruto Vs.Sasuke AMV:Rev Theory-Far From Over(HD) THX for 4500+ Subs


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I Wanted to say thank you to everyone for subscribing.
I reached over 4,500 subscribers.
Thank you so much for enjoying my amvs, tutorials and just overall my work.
To see that many subs means alot to me (really does), i give all my thanks to you. you keep me going and thank you for all ur loving support.
ill keep on improving in editing and helping out as much as i can with tutorials and free downloads.

This Amv is basicly showing the emotional pain Naruto and Sasuke went through and mostly Naruto coming to terms of how Sasuke feels. Naruto remembers his fight with pein and how he lost jiraiya, and close to everyone in the village during that fight. He soon understands what Sasuke has felt about losing all those close to you. He thinks about all the time he spent with Team 7 and the thought of that bond broken pushes him further to save Sasuke. Naruto had found his awnser, to save Sasuke from his burdens and save him from the darkness that he is so deep into.

Alot of you might think that he should give up already and just let Sasuke die or whatever. But we all know Naruto would never leave a comrade behind
he would never let his friend go no matter how far he has fallen into the darkness. He wants to save him because we gotta admit Sasuke had
a pretty messed up life. His whole clan murdered by his own brother then finding out what his brother was actually really doing. That drive anyone off the edge, no?

Lots of fights in here featuring:
Sasuke vs The Raikage, Sasuke Vs Itachi, Sasuke Vs Danzo, Naruto Vs Pein, and of course Naruto Vs Sasuke

Video: Anime Music Video AMV
Anime: Naruto Shippuden
Song: Far from over
Artist:Rev Theory
Frame: 1280x720
Video Size: 200 MB
Video File: WMV
Quality: High Definition HD
Software: Sony vegas Pro 10 new blue fx, realplayer,Photoshop cs4 and Camtasia Studio 6
Render time: 2 hours
Time taken to make: 5 weeks, i spent alot of time on this one just for you guys

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