Build a Simple Electric Guitar in 10 minutes (Diddley Bow)


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The Diddley Bow is a simple guitar (or electric guitar if you want) and it only takes about 10 minutes if not less to construct. Most people can build these with stuff around the house. You might need to run to a music store to buy a string though, but they are cheap. You can also find guitar pick-ups and tuning knobs there if you want to take it to a higher level.

1. Get a thick piece of board
2. Place two knobs at each end (I used a screw eye and a tuning knob)
3. (If electric) Mount a guitar pickup about 3/4ths down
4. Tie the string to both ends and slide a bottle or can under the string and then tighten it further.
5. (If electric) Wire up the pickup to a cut guitar cable. Plus to Plus and Negative to Negative.
6. Rock out like the bad-ass that you are.

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