EV Conversion - Converting Your Classic Car to Electric


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EV Conversion - Converting Your Classic Car to Electric

In this video, you will learn about the electric vehicles power and why you should convert your classic car to EV power. You could buy a new electric car or you could give your old cars a new lease of life. There are so many amazon cars that are classics and should not be gotten rid of because they run on gasoline in the future. There is a possibility and way that they can run on EV power, it is amazing that something complex like this can be done.

There are definitely a lot more things that go wrong with a standard combustion engine compared to electric vehicles engines. Cars from the 50s and 60s, likely will have regular oil leaks and the engine power decreases over time. Combustion engines are costly to maintain and repair. Switching to an EV power engine will be cheaper in the long run and it is worth the upfront investment. A lot of people will argue that combustion is better because they don’t fully understand EV power and have not experienced what it is like to drive an electric vehicle.

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