Porches 911 EV Conversion - Test Drive


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Welcome back to Project Heaven Restoration! We've got an electrifying episode for you this time, as we put a unique spin on a classic, the Porsche 911.

In our quest to blend classic aesthetics with modern technology, we've transformed this iconic Porsche 911 into a smooth, efficient, electric marvel. Witness how we managed to integrate an electric powertrain into the classic 911 frame, keeping the soul of the car intact, while giving it a modern heartbeat.

Join Harry, our trusty Bodyshop Manager, as he takes the newly transformed electric Porsche 911 for a thrilling test drive. Experience the harmony of classic and modern as Harry puts the car through its paces, testing its performance under various conditions. Not only will he assess the car's performance, but he'll also make sure that all the new safety features are up to scratch, ensuring the car doesn't just run smoothly, but also keeps its passengers safe.

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