UK's COVID-19 hidden death toll explained as care homes 'abandoned by government'


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Official UK data shows 11,329 people have died from COVID-19, with 88,621 having tested positive so far. However, these figures are unlikely to paint the full picture. The statistics only count deaths in hospitals from coronavirus and exclude people in care homes or any other place who might have died from the disease.

The Office for National Statistics has released new figures showing 21% of all deaths in England and Wales in the week up until 3rd Aril were caused by the virus. In that week 5,979 death certificates mentioned COVID-19, however, it was reported only 5,186 people died in hospital in this time.

This means 15% more people died from the deadly bug than first reported, which suggests that real UK death figures today may be around 13,000 if the trend of non-hospital deaths continued.

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