Welcome to Dubai's most expensive SuperCar showrooms...


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So i have finally made my second Dubai video and this time i checked out Duabi's insane supercars showrooms! Overall i visited Exotic Cars Duabi, Deals on Wheels, VIP Motors, Formula Motors and lastly Al Ain Class Motors. Overall it was a surreal experience seeing such amazing cars all together. Also i have to say a massive thank you to all the dealerships for letting me film their cars:) personally i really enjoyed making this video as visiting Dubai to see their supercars has been a dream to do and to actually do it was insane. Being able to see 4 Bugatti's together including a Bugatti Chiron, La Ferrari, red koenigsegg CCXR, Full Carbon Koenigsegg Agera R, ferrari TDF and many more... it was unreal. Also at Deals on Wheels i got to see the American Rapper 6ix9ine inspired ferrari 458 wrapped in a rainbow colour for his music video called ( 6ix9ine - Stoopid ) which was also very cool to see. Hopefully ill be able to visit Dubai again to do more of the supercar spotting next time! So with out further or do, enjoy the video.

Music : Ever Felt pt.2 - Otis McDonald
Music : BirdBrainz - Otis McDonald
Music : Lagos 2030 A.D. - Otis Mcdonald
Music : Otis McMusic - Otis McDonald

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